We stand against racism and inequality here in Canada and beyond.

When this business was started the idea was to help everyone, in whatever small way we could, to live life on their own terms.

We thought the injustice of modern day economics was enough of a terrible problem that was keeping people down.  Preventing each of us from living to our full potential.

We were wrong.

Economic problems aren’t even close, or at all comparable, to the racism and social injustice that black people have had to deal with their entire lives and for generations.

The inequalities that racism brings to people of colour is unacceptable.

We want to make this very clear:

We here at Rock Star stand against any and all forms of racism.  We stand for justice for all.  For the ability to live life on your own terms … for all.  

Writing this out has been much more difficult than we had expected.  Over the years we have focused on discussing real estate, personal finances and building your own financial resilience.   

Talking about racism and social injustice makes us feel uncomfortable.  It has also made us question if we’re supposed to be sharing this message.  It’s made us think, “Who are we to discuss such an important topic?” but have felt compelled to speak up.

We believe we can make a difference by deeply listening, sharing, engaging in open discussion and, most importantly, with each of our individual daily actions.

Racism must stop. Now. Forever.