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We know at one point you were looking to make BIG money in real estate.

In fact, your goal was to live life on your own terms… 

Well, as you read this, Rock Star Members are successfully making money in real estate, no matter the market conditions. 

In fact, Southern Ontario real estate actually dipped in price in 2022, from it’s all time highs in 2021. 

This is a natural response when interest rates are raised as aggressively as they were in 2022. 

Yet many Rock Star investors view this dip as an enormous buying opportunity. 

Because they understand that none of the long-term fundamentals in Southern Ontario have changed. 

They know there’s still…

  • A pre-existing massive housing shortage in Southern Ontario
  • A tsunami of new immigrants arriving as we speak
  • Government projections of 500,000 more immigrants coming to Canada in the next 2 years
  • Red tape like the Ontario greenbelt area restricting builders from creating new housing supply, 
  • Pro-densification laws in Ontario being passed like wildfire
  • Less & less single-family homes being built 
  • Construction costs going through the roof from inflation cost of materials & labor shortages

These investors see the long-term outlook of real estate prices in this area and are practicing the old adage of buy low, sell high. 

Except, many investors we work with never sell, and instead use their real estate portfolio to fund their ideal lifestyles. 

Just this year we’ve had Rock Star Members quit their jobs, purchase vacation homes, move their families to tropical destinations, start businesses, help family with school & medical bills, retire early, you name it!

And the one common thread amongst all these stories? 

They all credit the real estate portfolios they built to providing them the financial means of achieving their dreams. 

Look, you signed up once as a Rock Star Inner Circle Member for a reason. 

Chances are that the FIRE to live life on your own terms is still burning bright inside of you. 

So if you still recognize that you’ve only got ONE life to live…

And you want to live it on your OWN terms… 

We've got the incentive you need to get back in the game!



 Access to Exclusive Sections of the Your Life. Your Terms. App and Member Site – Untap 3 Years of Rock Star Knowledge with all recorded Classes, Events & Podcasts from 2020, 2021 & 2022! ($2031.84 in Value)

52 Weekly Rock Star Reports ($359 in value)

1 ON 1 Real Estate Portfolio Review + 2023 Strategic Planning & Investment Blueprint Session with a NEW Rock Star Coach! ($249 in Value)

 Your Life. Your Terms. T shirt ($25 in Value) 

When you rejoin as an Inner Circle Member you get full access to ALL the membership benefits current Members enjoy...

13 Benefits You Get When You Rejoin:

One-on-One Personalized Coaching: Receive ongoing, one-on-one private coaching customized to reach your real estate investing goals.
Private Initial Goal Setting Consultation: An initial private consultation to review investment strategies and come up with a selection that will be used to start or expand your investing
22 Member’s-ONLY Training Classes (no extra cost)
Ontario-Specific Real Estate Investing Legal Forms & Contracts
Step-by-Step Real Estate Systems: Get the exact scripts, ads, agreements, strategies, follow-up emails and everything you need to kickstart or grow your real estate investment portfolio.
12-Page Monthly Rock Star Inner Circle Member’s Only Newsletter
NEW Members Only Website: Access to our restricted RSIC Members’ website with archived Rock Star Member Resources, our updated contracts and forms, and our continually updated “Million Dollar Resource Directory”
NEW Your Life. Your Terms. App Members-Only Section: Access to our restricted YLYT App with archived Rock Star Member virtual classes, Members-only Podcasts & Your Life. Your Terms. Event recordings
Complimentary Registrations to the Your Life. Your Terms. Events
Best Buy Weekly Hot Sheet: Our Weekly Best Buy Hot List of Properties sent to your email inbox regularly
Million-Dollar Rolodex: You want the right people for your property...from landscapers to contractors to small repairs, the 'Million Dollar' Rolodex is a roster of contacts used and trusted by RSIC Members.
Open Access: As an Inner Circle Member, you’re encouraged to reach out to us with questions or subjects you would like to see discussed in the Inner Circle newsletter or upcoming audio programs!

#1 – 52 Weekly Rock Star Reports ($359 in Value)

These 52 reports are the culmination of everything we’ve learned about Canadian-specific real estate investing.

You’ll literally have our very best resources. In these 52 reports you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate more cash flow from your properties than you ever thought possible.
  • Attract all the tenants you need using easy and straightforward marketing tactics both online and offline.
  • Quickly decide what types of properties work best in different communities – saving you years of frustration and lost profits.
  • Create systems to put your investments on autopilot so you can live your life on your terms.
  • Learn from other Canadian investors who share their step-by-step accounts of how they faced their fears and took action.
  • Put advanced strategies into action on your investments to really crank up your success.
  • Negotiate the best possible terms for yourself and get Sellers to pay for things you never thought possible.
  • Learn marketing principles and strategies that are the key to successful investing. We’re even going to share real-life examples with the exact results. Effective marketing is by far the most overlooked component to successful investing.

#2 – 1 ON 1 Real Estate Portfolio Review + 2023 Strategic Planning & Investment Blueprint Session with a NEW Rock Star Coach! ($249 in Value)

The New Year is a natural time to reflect on the past and make goals for the year ahead. 

But too often the goals go ignored and it’s another year before you’re sitting down to write the same goals down, once again.

But in 2023, starting the year off as a returning Rock Star Member, you’re already taking action, and putting yourself in a better position for success than 99% of the competition. 

Now’s the time to keep that momentum going.

As a returning Rock Star, you have the opportunity to sit down for a 1-on-1 meeting with your Rock Star Coach for a strategy session to make 2023 the year you set yourself up to reach your goals.

Take note of what you’ve done, create actionable goals you can hold yourself accountable to reach, and determine a strategy that works for you to get there. 

You have a very experienced, local real estate investing expert at your hands, use them to your advantage. 

They know what will and won’t work and can guide you to a plan that’ll actually work FOR YOU!

This is the type of advice available to very few, and those who take advantage of it are the ones to watch out for in 2023, because they’ll be unstoppable!

#3 – Access to Exclusive Sections of the Your Life. Your Terms. App and Member Site: Untap 3 Years+ of Rock Star Knowledge with all recorded Classes, Events & Podcasts from 2020, 2021 & 2022! ($1,798 in Value)

3 Years of wisdom at your fingertips! 

You’ve heard the proverb, the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, the second best time is today.

The same holds true with Rock Star classes, newsletters, events & podcasts. The best time to have learned from them was when they happened live, the second best time is today!

The wealth of knowledge shared in these resources is still just as applicable today as the day they were first is your opportunity to digest the entire archive of Rock Star classes, podcasts, events & newsletters available on the YLYT app or, and to implement those lessons into your life, business, and investments as soon as possible.

Here are just a few examples of the recent Rock Star content you’ll have unlimited access to on your phone, tablet or computer:

October 2022 Your Life. Your Terms. Event!

On October 1, 2022, we shared an in-depth update on the real estate market across Southern Ontario, what the global economic indicators are predicting next, the story how two Rock Star Members graduated from single family home investing to high-rise condo development, the Smith Manuevre tax strategy & the future of technology’s impact on real estate investing.

This event was totally free for Rock Star Members but cost $250 to attend if you weren’t an Inner Circle Member.

The following recorded event sessions may have cost you $250 to attend live but they could be worth millions of dollars to you:

  • Fall 2022 Rock Star Economic Update – First Came The Volatility Next Comes The Storm: Global Economic Indicators Collapsing But Oil Is Still High, The US Dollar Is Setting Records & Interest Rates Are Still Trending Up - Where The Heck Do We Go From Here?
  • Fall 2022 GTA & Golden Horseshoe Local Real Estate Market Update – Trends, Data, Price Points, Rental Rates & More
  • From Building Single-Family Custom Homes to High-Rise Condos – Creating Your Own Development Company From the Ground Up With No Contacts & No Connections
  • The Future of Technology & Real Estate Investing -  With Special Guest Steve Jagger of
  • How Can We Pay Less Tax & Keep More of Our Own Money in Canada? The Smith Maneuver with Special Guest Cherry Chan

Just ask Rock Star Members Steven, Dean, Racquel, Darlene & Dustin how they felt after watching these 5 sessions:

Blew my mind!!! – Steven S, North Bay, ON
ONCE AGAIN U ROCK. A Fantastic member virtual event Tom & Nick. Awesome and mind blowing. Love it!Dean A, Hamilton, ON
That was the best event you guys have put on yet! You’ve stepped it up even more! Paul - Oakville
I'm so grateful I showed up here, 10 years ago! – Darlene Gustin, Oakville, ON
This was so informative. Thank you for the eye/mind opening experience.Racquel Tonido, Milton, ON

This was just the feedback and event topics of the most recent Your Life. Your Terms. Event in October. 

We have 9 MORE Your Life. Your Terms. Event event recordings, all with their own individual sessions and discoveries to be made, available to you at your fingertips! That’s over 36 hours of live event footage all centred on topics to help you live life on your own terms!


We have up to 19 recorded virtual classes on special topics from Investing in Bitcoin, Gold & Silver to Understanding Economics, How to Build a Success Mindset, The Cycles of Economic History Open Q&A with Tom & Nick and Much More!


There are over 80 Inner Circle Member’s-Only podcast episodes with timeless learnings for living life on your terms using real estate investing ALL archived and organized for you on the member Site & YLYT App. 

These are exclusive, gated podcasts with the most valuable information that we only share with Rock Star Inner Circle Members and not the general public. 

This was just the feedback and event topics of the most recent Your Life. Your Terms. Event in October. 

We have SIX MORE Your Life. Your Terms. Event event recordings, all with their own individual sessions and discoveries to be made, available to you at your fingertips. 


We have up to 17 recorded RSIC virtual classes on special topics all hosted by Tom & Nick Karadza available for streaming instantly to you, plus even more class recordings from prior years!

Here are just the five most recent RSIC Member’s Only podcast examples: 

  • How to Take Personal Custody of Bitcoin
  • The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About Canada's Next Rendezvous with Destiny
  • How To Buy Bitcoin & "Hodl" It
  • From Seashells to Gold to Bitcoin...the Evolution of Money and What’s Coming Next
  • Fireside "Ask Us Anything" Call with Tom & Nick!
  • The Rock Star Economic & Real Estate Q&A Class
  • Banking & Mortgage Updates with Tom & Nick & Special Guest Dave Butler of Butler Mortgages
  • The Rock Star "Your Life. Your Terms." Mindset
  • Landlord & Tenant Board Updates with Kelly Hawkes
  • Buying Gold & Silver 101: A Gold Discussion Exclusively for Rock Star Inner Circle Members


There are over ONE HUNDRED Inner Circle Member’s-Only podcast episodes with timeless learnings for living life on your terms using real estate investing ALL archived and organized for you on the member Site & YLYT App. 

These are exclusive, gated podcasts with the most valuable information that we only share with Rock Star Inner Circle Members and not the general public. 

Here are just the five most recent RSIC Member’s Only podcast examples: 

  • Interest rates, the money system, financial warfare, inflation, real estate prices, overleveraging, the economy, whole life insurance, goal setting & more with Tom & Nick!
  • Special Ontario Cottages & Vacation Rentals Edition! 
  • Ontario's Hidden Population Reporting, Gold vs Bitcoin & What Tom & Nick Would Do if they Started All Over Again
  • How To Bulletproof Your Investments Using Corporations with BM Select & Gatto Law
  • Interest Rates, Life Insurance, Leverage & Investing In Yourself

#4 – Your Life. Your Terms. T shirt ($25 in Value)

Be proud to be a part of an exclusive group of investors who’ve taken the initiative to invest in themselves and their future. 

Shout it out to the world that you’re taking action to live life on your terms.

As a returning Rock Star Member, we’re going to send you a special Your Life. Your Terms. T shirt! 

You may not discover hidden investing strategies up the sleeves...

But you will find a new sense of confidence. When you wear your t-shirt you’re saying to the world, “I’m not sitting by. I’m taking real action to live life on my terms.”

Maybe it sparks a conversation with a friend or family member... maybe that leads to a future Joint Venture partner... or maybe your motivation to be serious about planning for your future and how you want to live that life rubs off on someone and gets them started on a similar journey... or maybe it just reminds you of your long-term goals and gives you the boost you need to take one step after another.


We haven’t even talked about what Rock Star Inner Circle Members have coming in January 2022 ALONE!  

Check out what’s in store! 


January RSIC Member Exclusive Classes:

  • (Jan 11) Student Rental Class: How to Create Large Streams of Cash Flow with a Single Property
  • (Jan 12) Forcing Appreciation Class: How to Determine the Highest & Best Use For Your Property
  • (Jan 17) Fast Start Class: What to Do When Getting Started Investing and What Not to Do
  • (Jan 19) Life Insurance and Estate Planning Class: How To Pass On Wealth To The Next Generation
  • (Jan 24) Rent Your Home Fast For Top Dollar Class: How to Find a Top-Tier Tenant to Lease or Rent-To-Own Your Home
  • (Jan 25) Accounting Class with Andrew Topping: Maximizing Your Real Estate Tax Planning
  • (Jan 26) Property Management Class: How To Manage Your Own Investment Properties like a Professional Property Manager

January 2023 LIVE Inner Circle Broadcast with Tom, Nick & Open Q&A for Members

Real Estate, Interest Rates, Population Trends, Appreciation Forecasts & Economic Updates!

We’re kicking off 2023 with a live-stream podcast for all Rock Star Inner Circle Members. We'll share updates on the real estate market and overall economic outlook plus open up live questions for Tom & Nick!

✓  January 12 Page Monthly Investing Newsletter

  • Gaining Perspective from Vancouver
  • What are you actually allowed to ask when Screening prospective tenants?
  • Attracting Joint Venture Partners in a “Down” Market
  • How to Think About The Economy: A Little Book Report on a Big & Important Topic Part 1: Market
  • Which Seeds Are You Planting For Your Future Life?

✓  Registration Opens For The February 11th Your Life. Your Terms. Event! 

In January Rock Star Members will be able to save a seat for themselves and multiple guests for free, for the most anticipated Rock Star event of the year, The Your Life. Your Terms. Event! 

We’re pulling back the curtains to bring you the latest updates on the economy, real estate market, interest rate moves, Bitcoin, monetary and financial policies and how they impact our investments, technology trends, investing strategies and so much more!

Join over 900 Canadians on Saturday, February 11th and get the roadmap to help you craft the life you want to live and do it on your own terms!

All of this is what you have to look forward to in January ALONE! 

Not to mention receiving your 4 BIG FREE BONUS GIFTS for rejoining the Rock Star Inner Circle! 

Plus you're about to join the most active group of local real estate investors in Ontario!



All of your dreams are 100% possible, that’s the good news. 

But first, we want to start with the bad news. 

The bad news is that the destruction of the middle class in Canada is a real thing. The gap between income levels in this country and asset prices, like real estate, continue to widen. 

The increasing pace of this divide will catch millions of Canadians unprepared. 

They’ll wake up one day wondering what happened. 

They’ll ask why their pensions, if they’re lucky to even have one, can barely pay for rent and why the value of their RRSPs hasn’t gone up in real terms in decades. 

They’ll scratch their heads wondering if the debt taken on for University and College was worth the years of payments. 

They will ask why their careers haven’t been able to create the lifestyle that they had envisioned for themselves and their families. 

The reason for this is that most Canadians don’t understand how the money system actually works and it’s not something we teach in school. 

This missing information causes most Canadians to focus on the short-term, going to school and choosing a career, instead of planning for the long-term, buying or creating good, income producing, assets as soon as they can. 

Here’s the core issue...

In Canada, our money system is operated by the Bank of Canada. 

The Bank of Canada has a goal, as stated on their website, to ensure the cost of living in the country will increase at a rate of 2% annually. 

That sounds more than reasonable doesn’t it? 

The problem lies in the execution. 

Unfortunately, they don’t do a very good job of ensuring the prices of all things rise at 2% a year. 

(The 2022 Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Canada was 6.8% - TRIPLE the Bank of Canada’s target rate. That means goods are getting more and more expensive and your purchasing power of your hard-earned dollars is decreasing)

Things in the economy tend to raise in price at different levels. For example, people’s average incomes tend to rise much closer to a 2% rate than do things like real estate, which has rose in Toronto at over 6.5% annually since 1969.

If your income rises 2% a year, every year, then your salary will double every 35 years. 

However, if real estate prices increase just a little bit higher, let’s say 4% a year, then property prices will double every 18 years. 

If your income goes up at 2% a year and property prices go up 4% a year, then in the time it took for your income to double, property prices quadrupled. 

If property prices increase 6% a year, then they double every 12 years. 

In reality?

Toronto real estate prices have appreciated at 7.72% annually on average for the past 14 years.

The average price of a home sold in the Toronto region in November was up 22% from last year.

Wages did not see the same dramatic increase. 

How can Canadians afford to own assets like real estate when their incomes levels are not keeping pace with the price of assets? 

And if you don’t own any assets then each year this gap between incomes and assets grows, and it becomes more difficult for you to get into the game. 

Unless you’re in an industry with rapidly growing income levels, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with the cost of living, and our education system isn’t helping us. 

Please don’t misunderstand; we’re not saying that education and going to university or college isn’t important. 

We just believe that we need to explain to our younger generations that selecting a career isn’t the “end point” of their journey into adulthood and financial independence. 

It’s merely the beginning. 

A good education and then picking up valuable skills in the workplace are the foundation which you can then use to buy or create your own asset base. 

If you cherish financial independence and freedom in your life, then to bet solely on your income as the vehicle to deliver that is a losing strategy. 

But if you work hard at your career, learn as much as possible, save up and then buy or create assets, the world is yours! 

And this brings us back to the good news. 

Simply understanding the importance of personally owning good assets is half the battle. 

The reason we believe in this approach of owning assets so much is that we’re living proof of it what it can offer all of us. 

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen countless Canadians change their financial futures with real estate. 

They’ve done it with single-family home rental properties, condo investments, student rentals, smaller multi-unit properties and larger apartment buildings. 

They’ve mastered the marketing of their properties, dealt with all the financing hurdles we all end up facing and handled all the unexpected curve balls that owning real estate will present. 

Click here to read their stories.

Since Rock Star Real Estate was born 15 years ago, we’ve helped thousands of local Canadians benefit from the massive price increase of real estate in Ontario. 

We believe that by buying and owning assets like good income producing properties, we can take the rules of the money game as outlined by our Bank of Canada, turn them on their head, and make them work for us instead of against us. 

We can create cash flow, build equity, perhaps even earn some good appreciation and even build a lasting family legacy. 

And most importantly, as the destruction of the middle class continues we can ensure we’re financially protecting ourselves.

Rejoin the Rock Star Inner Circle and invest in yourself. 

That’s the best investment you’ll ever make. 

The knowledge you learn, the skills you develop and the people you’ll meet in the Rock Star Inner Circle have the potential to change your entire life. 

We’re 100% serious about this, we’ve seen this membership change people’s lives completely hundreds of times over. 

Take advantage of this offer, get your 4 free gifts, rejoin the Rock Star Inner Circle and kick off your 2023 journey towards living life on your own terms.