What Raw Material Are You Feeding Your Mind?

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Lately in the Rock Star offices you can find a group of us huddled together

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Feeling Poorer? It’s Not You … It’s This

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Those pesky central bankers are at it again.

They just won’t

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Why Starting With The End in Mind is Plain Wrong

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We’ve been chatting with several real estate investors recently who are

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It’s Your Move Bank of Canada, Your Move!

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Well well well …

Today please let us have some summer fun and indulge us while we riff a little on the state of the economy.


OK great, here we go…

Aren’t these just the most interesting times we live in?

Just when everything seemed to be going according to plan in Canada doesn’t inflation hit 2%.

This is smack dab in the middle of the Bank of Canada’s declared 1% – 3% ideal range.

This “range” is in and of itself pure theft but that’s a discussion for another time

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How to Zig-Zag Towards Your Ideal Life

MarkTwainAt our last Member Event a guest asked me why I personally sold the vast majority of my RRSPs.

Her accountant was telling her “load up” on them for tax purposes and this was the first time she had heard of anyone doing the opposite and was confused because “all the best advice” says you should use RRSPs to their full advantage.

She just couldn’t accept that it was something that anyone would even consider doing.

Yesterday at a meeting someone else shared how they have a client who invests in GICs in their RRSP for 2.5% return.

Not 25%, 2 point 5 percent.

His father had done well with “safe” investing and so he’s following that strategy.


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People Are Talking Behind Your Back & It’s Costing You


Growing up in the construction business we’re used to people screaming at each other when they’re doing business.

Screaming, back then, was actually a very normal way to communicate.

If you didn’t scream it seemed no one listened.

General contractors screamed at the sub contractors … the job foreman screamed at the trades … the plumbers screamed at the electricians … the coffee truck driver screamed randomly at everyone.

It was a scream fest.

Both Nick and myself prefer normal levels of communication so it took a while to get used to it all.

Very often the reason people were screaming at each other was because of money.


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The State of the Global Economy in 3 Easy Charts

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If you’re new to us, this blog and Rock Star in general then let it be known that we love studying the global economy.

We spend a lot of time on Canada and even more time on the U.S. as our largest trading partner (75% of our exports) and the largest economy in the world.  Still ahead of China by 5-7 Trillion Dollars annually depending on who you listen to.

And because our beloved Bank of Canada acts in virtual lock step with what the U.S. does let’s take a peak at the latest U.S. economic data for some fun!

Chart #1:  Loads of Funny Money

It’s no secret that the U.S.

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