School vs. The Real World: The Hard Truth

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I enjoyed school.

Definitely don’t want to go back and repeat it all but it was fun.

Got 90%+ in grades 9 and 10 and then for the rest of high school I coasted and got 80%+ without much work.

Some of the high school years were a little strange, trying to figure out who I was.

In grade 11 when I got my license and my Ford Thunderbird I was definitely having some good fun.

I bought light covers for that Thunderbird, “invested” in very loud sound systems so I could play John Secada as loud as I wanted and bought a “bra” for the car so I could protect it from tiny stone chips.


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Warning: Very Strange Phenomena Popping Up in Ontario

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Disclaimer:  We’re not in a good mood as we write this today – so head’s up, this may get ugly

It’s come to our attention

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How To Get More Sh*t Done & Have More Fun!

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A few weeks ago we shared some of our favourite little productivity tools.

In the comments of that post you’ll find some other great ones.

That post generated some conversations with Rock Star Members that we work with around different strategies to get more stuff done.

Some have 9-5 jobs that they want to quit ASAP (we’ve been there!!) so that they can go do work that they believe in.

Others want to find more time to invest in real estate but feel bogged down with various work and family obligations.

Yet others are enjoying what they’re doing but want more “peace of mind” in their

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Canadian Interest Rates are Going Nowhere Fast…

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As investors in property we’re constantly monitoring the state of interest rates.

Heck, we give a full 60-minute presentation on the state of the economy at our Member Events three times a year solely so we can better understand where interest rates are headed.

Yesterday the new chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve gave her first official public update on the state of economic affairs.  And she “slipped” …. she accidentally hinted that rates may rise in the Spring of 2015.  (read all about it here).


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Alternate Family Pics: Inspirational Photos from Disney World

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.16.09 AM Instead of sharing the typical family Disney pics with you we thought it would fun to share some of the alternate photos we were snapping along the way. At any location where Disney was updating the park they blocked the area off with fences and along these fences were various Walt Disney quotes. What impresses us most about Walt is for all the “fun” and “family” that he’s known for when it comes down to business he was deadly serious. And this becomes obvious in some of the quotes posted around the park. It seems that Walt clearly understood that to create fun and happiness you needed deadlines and discipline … super

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The Importance of THE ONE THING in Real Estate

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Lately we’ve been fighting a mighty battle around some of our lead generation stuff.

Google is constantly changing it’s terms of service and each time they do so it throws some of our campaigns for a loop.

No matter … this is the reality of the world we live in … nothing stays the same for very long.

So we’ve been hitting the drawing board recreating some of our campaigns.

In that process we discuss all sorts of business metrics we could be measuring and we were reminded of

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7 Smokin’ Productivity Tools That Will Certainly Rock Your World

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Ready to rock your world?

Great, let’s do this…

There’s a lot to get done every day and there’s never enough time to do it.

Between work, family, properties, websites, businesses, friends, exercise, proper nutrition and good amounts of sleep we all clearly could use about 40 hours in each day.

Unfortunately that’s not the case.

And that’s where little productivity tips and tools have helped us GREATLY.

These change over the years and we’re

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